Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekly Specials

This week it's Teva Durham's Moss, a gorgeous extra fine merino with 15% nylon for extra strength. Love the colour palette, we have all eight colours in stock. The yardage is a generous 147 metres per 50g ball. It's a versatile DK yarn with a 22 stitch gauge on 4mm needles so there are endless pattern possibilities. It's 40% off at $7.77 per ball.

We didn't blog about last week's special but it was mentioned in our September newsletter. It's Rowan Soft Baby:

We have loads of the cream colour in both stores and little bits of the other three colours in Point Grey only. This is a supersoft and fuzzy yarn that's perfect for baby garments and blankets. It's a mix of wool, polyamide and cotton with 150 metres per 50g ball and a 20 stitch gauge on 4.5mm needles. 50% off at $5.48 per ball.

I recently knit a baby blanket with Soft Baby:

The finished size is 32 x 33 inches and it knits up quickly holding two strands of yarn together on 6.5mm needles. One of those great mindless knitting projects, perfect for knitting when helping with homework or while watching Roger Federer win the US Open. You'll need eight balls of Soft Baby to knit the blanket and the pattern's free when you buy the yarn.

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